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Leon Bell. Former TiR contestant, a hotshot driver who followed Chuck while he was still in Motocross. He played against Chuck during the Slicycle round of Terror is Reality, and now, after the outbreak, he's gone crazy. With his chainsaw bike, he rides around, believing TiR is now a real game and survivors are worth double points. Chuck gets the call to put him down.

This wasn't my first try at beating Leon. He's annoying. But his motorcycle charges are easy to stop if you do what I did.

Edit: For those that are still fussing over how to beat him, here's the biggest and most effective strategy.

When the fight starts, get on the bike and follow Leon all the way to the fountain area, in the middle there. Get to one of the fenced off areas and stand near the fence and wait for him to charge you. Just before he reaches you, leap over the fence and he'll crash into it, stunning him a bit. Leap back out and attack him until he recovers. Rinse and repeat. If, for some reason, he tries to left turn out of the way, his chainsaw will get stuck in the fence and render his AI unable to move him. He'll get stuck on the fence and not move. So if that happens, like it did to me, just murderfy him.

Recorded using Fraps, gameplay footage by me.

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    Leon Bell es un psicópata que aparece en la misión "Los Concursantes ", teniendo una aparición...

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